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This series is all about living the principles of a supernatural life!
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Treasure Map Series
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Awakening the Warrior Series
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ABC's Booklets
We would like to introduce to you Abundant Life Publishing’s new line of ABCs booklets! In these booklets we use rhyming to help your memory retain what you read; we will also assign each letter of the alphabet with a word that you will need! We will explain how this word relates to the topic of the booklet. By the end of each booklet, we hope your spirit will feel sturdy and strong!

Abba Father

Beloved Yeshua (Jesus Christ)

Counselor the Holy Ghost
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Abundant Life Publishing is a part of Abundant Life Ministries based in Salisbury, NC and founded by Dr. Chad Costantino in 2001. Abundant Life Ministries is a non-denominational, faith based organization and a registered 508(c)(1)(A) non-profit.

Abundant Life Ministries includes:

1. Producing faith based films and documentaries
2. Performing live drama and comedy shows
3. Publishing faith based books and devotionals
4. Local outreach through providing food to those in need, support groups and Bible studies
5. Providing physical, emotional and spiritual support through Abundant Life Counseling Center

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