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Dr. Chad Costantino

Dr. Chad Costantino was born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina. He received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in counseling from Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee. He earned his PhD in counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary, located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Costantino is the founder and director of Abundant Life Ministries, which includes Community Outreach Center in Salisbury, North Carolina; Abundant Life Counseling Center in Kernersville, North Carolina; Abundant Life Films, which produces faith-based films, as well as Abundant Life Publishing, which produces faith based books. Dr. Costantino personally understands the spiritual battles of substance abuse, freedom, forgiveness, and redemption, which is why he wrote Waiting on the Warrior.

He loves to laugh, play, and minister with his children.

Chad’s wife is his beloved partner in marriage and ministry, and they have four amazing children.

He is passionate about teaching the Word of God, and is a frequent guest speaker on the topics of spiritual warfare, forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, breaking free from addictions, and leadership coaching. Dr. Costantino is also passionate about children and youth ministry, and incorporates standup Christian comedy in skits to share love, laughter, and to be the light of Yeshua (Jesus).

Dr. Costantino can be reached for speaking engagements at abundantlifefilms@gmail.com.

Gavriela Powers

Gavriela Powers is a certified Biblical Counselor through Abundant Life Ministries, as well as a certified Substance Abuse Counselor through Abundant Life Counseling Center. Her passion is reading and writing Hebrew, as well as creative writing and editing. She is the Co-Author on many of Dr. Costantino's books, as well as a screenwriter for Abundant Life Films. She is joyfully married to her husband, and they currently raise a family in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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